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This site-specific installation was on display from
March 11-April 12, 2011 at the MacKenzie Art Gallery located in Regina, SK.


- Artist Statement -
"Conjunktion" by Laura MacDonald


4 Panel Drawing (Orion Nebula)
14.25’ x 7.25’
Charcoal and pastel on BFK paper


6 Drawings (Space Debris)
33” x 44”
Silver leaf and adhesive on Stonehenge paper


Imagine your world without satellite television or cellular phone service. Imagine strolling through the park only to be hit by a red-hot piece of junk hurtling through the atmosphere at 8000+ meters per second! Now consider that this could very easily become reality due to the silent, looming threat of space debris. 

Space debris consists of human-made objects that orbit the Earth.  Some debris is functional but most is defunct—such as 480 million copper needles, 128kg of nuclear reactor coolant, rocket stages, metal shards, decommissioned satellites, human ashes, cameras, gloves, paint chips (and the list goes on).  This junk can, and frequently does, collide with functional satellites and other devices thereby creating more debris that will inevitably hit the Earth.

In this work, the large-scale depiction of the Orion nebula is specifically situated behind the infringing drawings of space debris (represented through data-points) in order to reveal the tension and paradoxes involved when considering the impact of additional technology on our future. The goal of Conjunktion is simple yet complex: to raise awareness about earth’s current state and prompt a dialogue about human ethics regarding the swarm of pollution that may seem a world away, but is undoubtedly closer than expected.



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